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Give yourself credit!  Here are resources for World Language Competency Credits
and assessment resources:

WAFLT Language Testing - information and resources to receive language credits
For questions, email: 

Professional Development for World Language Teachers:

WAFLT- Washington Association for Language Teaching, conferences, grants, and more
ACTFL - American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages

Global Music:
Gene Nastri School - explore the global world of music and learn an instrument or voice

Visit my favorite activities and websites for language learning.

Duolingo – learn a language online for free and you will help translate the web. Very Innovative ideas!

dashboard.duolingo  - now teachers can track students progress. 

Edmodo– similar to Facebook but Teacher controlled.  You can also link to other language teachers and share ideas! 

Conjuguemos– online vocabulary, grammar, activities, and games organized by textbook and topic.

Quizlet– online vocabulary, grammar, activities, and games , but need to do specific searches.

Classzone– online textbook activities, self-check tests, audible flashcards, workbook, search by subject and book.

Quia – a variety of shared games and activities, search by language

Digital Dialects– a variety of games by topic.

Free Rice– help feed the needy by practicing language vocabulary, sponsored by the World Food Program.

Target Language - great ideas for achieving at least 90% in the target language 


5 Cs - National Standards
OSPI World Language  – Washington State link to World Language standards and resources
OSPI Native Education - Washington State link to Native Education, culture, and language. 
Common Core - aligning World Languages
21st Century Skills - for World Languages
Can do Statements - by proficiency level for World Languages (2017)
Benchmarks & Guides - Avant Assessment guide
Linguafolio - self assessment proficiency rubric
Rubrica - Performance Assessment for Language Students
AP Rubrics - AP World Language Rubrics, scale 1 - 5
Technology in World Languages - Excellent resources for using technology in World Languages.  
Syllabus - Everett HS languages 

 High School Language Credits:
Competency Credits – Washington State Assessments for heritage speakers of languages to receive credits. 
STAMP – Avant Assessments, STAMP and Worldspeak, information and practice test in several languages. 
Language Testing International – resources and testing for 100+ languages.

 Other resources:
WAFLT- Washington Association for Language Teaching, conferences, grants, and more
ACTFL - American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages
AP Central- Advanced Placement courses and resources including World Languages
Word Reference - online dictionary, best source
Google Translate  - Online dictionary
TED Talks - ideas worth sharing

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