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My top 10 favorite activities and websites for language learning!

 1.  Duolingolearn a language online for free and you will help translate the web.  Very Innovative idea!

 2.  Edmodo – similar to Facebook but Teacher controlled.  You can also link to other language teachers and share ideas!

 3.  Conjuguemos – online vocabulary, grammar, activities, and games organized by textbook and topic.

 4.  Quizlet – online vocabulary, grammar, activities, and games , but need to do specific searches.

 5.  Classzone – online textbook activities, self-check tests, audible flashcards, workbook, search by subject and book.

 6.  Games: 
Quia – a variety of shared games and activities, search by language/topic.
Digital Dialects – a variety of games by topic.

 7.  Epals – online penpals, matches classroom to classroom, set up by teachers, search by language and/or country.

 8.  Free Rice – help feed the needy by practicing language vocabulary, sponsored by the World Food Program.

 9.  Standards:
OSPI – Washington State link to standards
      Rubric - Linguafolio, proficiency levels
      Rubrics - PALS - Performance Assessment for Language Students
       VA World Languages – Virginia State World Language Standards, excellent resources
      for standards and curriculum guides.      

 10.  High School Language Credits:
Competency Credits – Washington State Assessments for heritage speakers of languages to receive credits. 
STAMP – STAMP test information and practice test in 5 languages. 
Language Testing International – resources and testing for 100+ languages.

 Other resources:

  • WAFLT - Washington Association for Language Teaching, conferences, grants, and more
  • ACTFL -  American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages, great resources
  • AP Central - Advanced Placement courses and resources including World Languages
  • Google Translate  - online dictionary
  • TED Talks - ideas worth sharing
  • Come visit my blog and join my adventures in language:
  • Lansberry Language Blogspot
  • See my photos for MDS ASB, Model UN, and my trips to Quebec and Mexico:
  • Lansberry Language Tumblr 
  • Pinterest - see my favorite places!