Here are some links for Spanish learners:

Auténtico- Pearson login, for EHS students go to Google Apps

¡Exprésate!  Textbook activities

AP Spanish Practice take a practice AP test ,2015

AP Spanish  Varsity tutors exam practice 

AP Central Spanish  Teacher resources and information 

Galería de arte y vida  Textbook activities

En Español     Textbook activities

Senderos   Textbook information 

Conjuguemos   Online homework

Edmodo  Online secure social network

Realidades    Textbook activities

Quizlet Online activities, games, and quizzes 

Sabias que ... Textbook activities (UW) 

Tontitofrito  Youtube Spanish lessons

Zachary Jones Spanish activities, videos, music, lessons

Cervantes Institute UWW Spanish resources 

Glencoe   Textbook games and activities

Paso a Paso    Textbook activities

Spanish4teachers - great resources 

Spanish Proficiency - listening exercises, U of Texas - Austin

Audacity    Record yourself speaking

Free Rice    Practice vocabulary to help others

Univision Spanish TV, news, music, sports, & language

Telemundo Spanish TV, news, music, sports & language

Quia Games     

Digital Dialects Games